In the past 10 years, Miami has experienced significant growth and transformation across various sectors. The city has seen a boom in real estate development, particularly in the construction of high-rise condominiums and luxury properties. 

Enhanced infrastructure and transportation systems

Alongside urban development, Miami has focused on enhancing its infrastructure and transportation systems with the goal to improve public transit options, expand bike lanes, and promote sustainable modes of transport. Over the years, Miami has emerged as a significant player in global trade and commerce, currently having:

  • PortMiami – as one of the busiest ports in the United States
  • Miami International Airport – as the third busiest airport in the United States
  • Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) – Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) are designated secure areas within the United States where goods can be stored, manipulated, and manufactured without being subjected to customs duties or tariffs.
Miami’s cultural scene

Miami’s cultural scene has also flourished over the past decade, with the city becoming a hub for art, music, and culinary experiences. Events such as Art Basel Miami Beach ,  Miami Art Week , the growth of the Wynwood Arts District have put Miami on the map as a cultural destination. Miami Art Week is an annual event in Miami, Florida, that takes place in early December and includes numerous art fairs, exhibitions, and cultural events.  Wynwood Walls is a unique outdoor street art park in the Wynwood Art District of Miami, showcasing vibrant and colorful murals by renowned artists from around the world.  Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the most prominent art fairs in the world and a highlight of Miami Art Week, featuring contemporary and modern art from leading galleries and artists. It attracts art enthusiasts, collectors, and industry professionals from across the globe to experience a diverse range of artistic expressions.

Miami- an international business hub

Miami has not only flourished in terms of architectural evolution but also in economic development, cementing its reputation as a bustling international business hub. The city has successfully drawn in tech companies, startups, and visionary entrepreneurs, positioning itself as a hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Neighborhoods like Brickell, a vibrant business district, have played a crucial role in this economic transformation. Brickell has earned the distinction of being the third-largest banking center in the United States, lagging only behind financial powerhouses like New York City and Charlotte, North Carolina. These advancements underline Miami’s status as a dynamic and globally-connected city that consistently reinvents itself to meet the demands of the modern world.