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Airbnb and Miami Are at War. YotelPad have a residential units with the convenience OF NO RENTAL RESTRICTIONS

The Florida city, like others around the country, is trying to control the home sharing market. Renters often find out their weekend home is illegal when they get a knock on the door. Typically, when the city’s code compliance officers come across illegal short-term rentals, they ask renters to contact their hosts and ask to be relocated. In situations where the hosts won’t cooperate, guests still have to leave. On occasion, the city helps them find a new place to stay. In reality, is creating tons of frustrations and inconvenience for the guests.

Fines starting at $20,000

Short-term rentals are available on numerous sites, but with more than 5 million listings in more than 81,000 cities and 191 countries, Airbnb is the largest player in the market. The company has approximately 4,500 active listings in Miami Beach and most of them are illegal.

Some of the buildings have permission for short term rentals, one of them is YotelPad in Miami Downtown.

YotelPAD is the latest residential extension to the YOTEL & YotelAir brand, bringing to the market efficiently designed units to utilize the space in a way to fit everything you need without compromising on luxury.
This development is perfect for the international and local US buyer giving them the opportunity to purchase a residential unit with the convenience OF NO RENTAL RESTRICTIONS allowing the buyer to have the freedom to optimize his rental capacity through numerous options.

The owner has the freedom to place his unit in any short-term rental sites such as Airbnb, booking.com, and numerous others providing the client with another opportunity to maximize his profitability.  Since there are no rental restrictions, units can be rented on a daily, weekly & monthly basis.

The price at YotelPad Miami for a studio start at $326,000 and have to be paid in full by January 2021: 20% at contract (can be 10% now and 10% in 45 days), 10% by June  2019, 10% by September 2019, 10% at the Top Off Jan 2020, 50% at closing Jan 2021.

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