The EB-5 Visa program offers a unique pathway to U.S. residency through significant financial investments in American enterprises, particularly real estate. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to obtain an EB-5 Visa via real estate investments, with a focus on the Nexo Residences project. For more information about the EB-5 Visa program, check out our article U.S. Residency with the EB-5 Investor Visa.

Investment Requirements

To qualify for an EB-5 Visa through the Nexo EB-5 project, investors must meet the following criteria:

  • Investment Amount: $800,000 in the Nexo EB-5 project.
  • Legal Source of Funds: The investment capital must be from a legal source, acquired directly or indirectly through lawful means.
  • Investment Risk: The investment must be “at risk” to ensure it contributes to the project’s development and job creation.
Required Fees
  • Administrative Fee: $70,000
  • Legal Fees: $20,000 – $25,000
  • USCIS I-526 Application Fee: $3,675
The Application Process
Initial Steps
  1. Consultation: Speak with a representative about the Nexo EB-5 project.
  2. Hire an Immigration Attorney: An attorney will prepare your Immigration Petition (I-526).
  3. Fund Review and Payment: Your attorney will review the legal source of funds, followed by the payment of investment and associated fees.
Submission and Approval
  1. Prepare and Submit I-526 Form: Work with your attorney to prepare the I-526 form and submit it to USCIS (estimated processing time is 4-8 weeks).
  2. Approval: Once approved, the applicant, their spouse, and unmarried children under 21 years old will proceed to the next steps based on their location:
    • Outside the U.S.: Consulate processing and interview.
    • Inside the U.S.: Adjustment of status, including work authorization and travel permit.
  3. Permanent Resident Green Card: Receive your permanent resident status.
  4. File I-829 Form: Within two years of obtaining your green card, file the I-829 form to remove conditions on your residency.
  5. Return of Investment: The at-risk investment capital will be returned as per the project’s terms.
Nexo Residences in North Miami Beach

Nexo Residences in North Miami Beach offers fully finished and beautifully furnished residences ranging from studios to three-bedrooms, designed for living, owning, or hosting. Key features include:

  • Modern Design: Floor-to-ceiling windows, expansive balconies, and European-style kitchens.
  • Rental Flexibility: Optimized for listing on platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo for short- or long-term stays.
  • Family-Friendly Amenities: Includes a children’s playground, outdoor gaming areas, resort-style pool, and more.
  • Work and Leisure: A two-story Tech Center for co-working, and a rooftop observatory with panoramic views.

Located along Biscayne Boulevard, Nexo Residences is conveniently near the Intracoastal and equidistant from Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports.

Frequently Asked Questions
Payment and Investment
  • How and when is the $800,000 investment paid? The $800,000 is paid via wire transfer to the project’s escrow account when submitting the EB-5 petition to USCIS. Installments are not allowed.
  • Can I certify the legal source of my investment? Yes. Acceptable sources include salary, business earnings, real estate appreciation, inheritance, and gifts. Your attorney will guide you.
Funding and Financials
  • Can I use a bank loan for the EB-5 Visa? Yes, but strict conditions apply. Consult your attorney.
  • Can a family member provide the funds? Yes, but you must verify the legitimate source of the gifted funds.
  • Are there additional fees? Besides the $800,000 investment, there’s a $70,000 administrative fee, legal fees between $20,000 and $25,000, and the USCIS I-526 application fee of $3,675.
Project Visit and Regional Center
  • Can I visit the project? Yes, visits can be arranged by contacting the Nexo Residences Sales Gallery.
  • What is a Regional Center? It’s an economic unit designated by USCIS to promote economic growth, often involved in EB-5 projects.
Application Outcomes
  • What if my EB-5 application is denied? The initial capital investment will be returned, but administrative and legal fees will not be reimbursed.
  • When is my investment repaid? Typically within five years, but each project may have different terms.

For legal assistance, Nexo Residences collaborates with Greenberg Traurig, LLP.

Investing in Nexo Residences not only offers a pathway to U.S. residency but also provides a modern, flexible living environment in a prime location. Secure your future with an EB-5 Visa through real estate investment today.